FAQ: Frequently asked questions about filet crocheting
How is a new spool of thread connected to the old one?
By knotting. Both threads are then stitched with a darning needle after the crochet is finished.
How is the size of my stitch test projected onto the size specification of the crochet pattern?
A pattern has a declared height of 16 Inches = 61 boxes. Your mesh test with 10 boxes * 10 boxes results in a height of 2.5 Inch. ---> This results in: 61 boxes (from pattern) * 2.4 Inch = 14.6 Inches; so 1.4 Inch too short! For this 1.4 Inch, boxes must be added in order to reach the specified height of 16 Inches! ---> 61 boxes actually give you 14.6 Inches; 1 box would be 0.24 Inch (14.6 Inches / 61); 16 Inches / 0.24 = 66.7 boxes
Conclusion: In order to reach a height of 16 Inches, you would have to crochet 67 boxes instead of the given 61 boxes!
What is the best way to care for filet crochet curtains?
It is best to wash at 60 degrees Celsius. Of course, the curtains can also be washed at a higher temperature (so they always stay white), but this also increases the risk of shrinkage. Incidentally, the latter should also be observed at the beginning of every work. (If a crochet result turns out to be too large, this can be compensated for with hot washing.
How to work the first row in filet crochet?
Every crochet is started in the first row with chain stitches. These should be crocheted evenly.
How is the crochet test / stitch test?
Every crochet work is started in the first row with chain stitches. The number of chain stitches is calculated as follows: 1. Number of total boxes * 3 chain stitches = .... 2. 1 box * 4 chain stitches = 4 chain stitches Result: sum of 1. + 2. (3 of them are chain stitches for the next row).
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