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1600 Fillet-pattern for curtains to print out.
Sustainable, diverse, impressive, unique.
Crochet pattern favorites: For exemple: patterns with roses motive
crochet curtain pattern + roses motive   crochet curtain pattern + roses motiv + water + bird  crochet curtain pattern + roses motive
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Fillet crochet patterns with loops
Fillet crocheted curtains+loops   Fillet crochet patterns with loops  Fillet crochet patterns+panes+loops
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Crochet patterns, especially for crochet beginners
Fillet crochet+models for pane curtains with straight end   Patterns + fillet crocheted curtain with straight crochet+trim  Fillet crochet model+pane curtains
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Special one for your kitchen window
Fillet crochet+kitchen+models for fillet crocheted curtain   kitchen+patterns for fillet crocheted curtains  Models+fillet crocheted curtains for kitchen
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Crochet patterns with geometrical motives
Fillet crochet+patterns+geometrical+motives   Patterns+fillet crocheted curtains+structuremotives  Models+fillet+crocheted+curtain+structuremotive
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Fillet patterns with a lot heart
Fillet crochet+motives width hearts   motives width hearts+fillet crochet patterns  Fillet crochet+patterns width hearts
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Motives width animals
Crocheting patterns with animals   Fillet crochet patterns+animalmotives  Crochet patterns+motives with animals
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Motives width landscape
Crochet models width landscape   Crochet model width landscape  Crochet patterns width landscape motive
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Fancy for crochet curtains with fringes?
Fillet Crochet-curtains with fringes + patterns    Fillet crochet patterns+curtains with fringes  Fillet crochet models+fringes
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All children like teddy bears
Crochet models+curtains+motives+teddy bears   children rooms+crochet+models+curtains  Crochet patterns+curtain+child's room
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Fully in the trend: Rosette patterns
Fillet crochet patterns+curtains+rosettes  With these fillet crochet patterns the boxes are disturbed and replaces through chain stitches / single crochets  Rosette patterns+crochet curtain
Fillet crochet+patterns+curtains+rosettes   Rosette models+crochet curtain  Rosette models+crochet curtain
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Crochet curtains
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Details of patterns
crochet patterns
for door and
window curtains
in various sizes
and many variants
as well as
with the most
different motives
1. Crochet patterns
All offered crochet patterns on this homepage are original patterns. These patterns can buyed only this legal homepages: www.mytnc.de or www.crochet-curtain.com
2. Pattern printer-standard
  The crochet patterns are all designed for the printer-standard A4 format. Should the printing range of one of the patterns of your printer be exceeded, you can reduce the corresponding template in your printer menu a little. (Zoom function!)
The patterns can be printed in black and white, in grayscale or in color, as desired. Normal' or 'Best' should be selected as the print quality.
3. Opening and printing the patterns
For the opening and printing the patterns you need the program "Adobe Reader" from Adobe Systems Inc. in a newer version, for example 8 or newer. This program can be loaded freely for PC and Notebooks. Further informations see this link https://get.adobe.com/ or for tablets and smartphones in the app-stores https://play.google.com/ // https://apps.apple.com/
Another compatible programs are also possible.
4. Print mistakes
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